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Friday, November 10th, 2006
6:38 pm
Post 3 - Edition 252 (November 04, 2006)
An Hour Each Day From the Mountains by wheebubbles (Sam/Dean, PG13, ~500)
- Author's Summary: None given
- My thoughts: I like this. It's beautifully written, almost artistic in the phrasing and descriptions, and sweet with just a little touch of sadness. Bravo.

The Unforgiven by shorts7 (Sam/Dean implied, R, ~300)
- Author's Summary: Dean has accepted his life, with Sam his only saving grace.
- My thoughts: It's basically a retelling of the song by the same title. Bet you can't guess who's "The Unforgiven". Author give it an R rating, I would give it much lower, and I don't really see the slash. It's more of a "brothers" fic than a "brothers-fucking" fic.

A Winchester Halloween by ello_kitty (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
- Author's Summary: A short story about how the brothers spend the holiday.
- My thoughts: Is Halloween a holiday? That has nothing to do with the review other than questioning the summary. I liked it, even if the only thing reminding me of the characters is Sam's laptop.

Five Times the Winchesters Were Wrapped in Bubble Wrap by deidre_c (Gen, PG, 912)
- Author's Summary: none given.
- My thoughts: Kinda cute. Nothing terribly special about it, though. It'll make you smile, but you're not likely to remember it for too long after reading it.

Vigil by ishafel (Gen, PG-13, 3671)
- Author's Summary: John disappears two days before Halloween.
- My thoughts: Brilliant! A well thought out plot with a good mystery and lots of little details that filled it out nicely. The characters really came to life and the details about John's past were believable and I thought totally fit with canon. A very good read.

Growing Up Is the Best Revenge by eurydice13 (Dean/Jo, G)
- Author's Summary: Dean notices Jo. Sam notices Dean.
- My thoughts: Short, all dialouge fics just don't do it for me.

The Deconstruction of Porn by rinkle (Gen, PG-13, 1250)
- Author's Summary: Dean, it could have been worse; you could have walked in on Dad...You walked in on Dad watching porn? Dude, you have the worst luck ever.
- My thoughts: Funny. Nothing grand on the literary scale, but I snickered and thought back to all the conversations about sex with my own sibling.

I've Got Pictures on My Mind by andysparkles (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,971 words)
- Author's Summary: None given.
- My thoughts: LOVED IT. Jared is so fun loving and devious and the end completely muddled my brain or I might have more to add to this review. But in any case, HOT HOT HOT.
3:25 am
Post 2 - Edition 251 (November 3, 2006)
I've Lived in this place and I know all the faces by curtain__call (Gen, PG-13, 2767)
- Author's Summary: The only one left, Dean as an old man is haunted every Halloween by those he's lost.
- My thoughts: This one just hurt so much but was just so very beautiful. A ghost story of all the people that Dean's out-lived. I literally had tears in my eyes by the end. So very, very good and creepy as hell. It's one to break out your hot cocoa and security blanket for.

That River in Egypt by missyjack (Gen, PG-13, double drabble)
- Author's Summary: Two stories written for supernatural100 drabble challenge #46 Denial
- My thoughts: Two drabbles; the first one is a "what Dean says vs what he means" and the second is just a funny brother moment. Worth a look.

Jack's Lament by clex_monkie89 (Gen, PG-13, 1172)
- Author's Summary: Sammy doesn't care what he dresses up as Halloween when he's growing up, so Dean gets really creative picking out his costumes.
- My thoughts: A look at every Halloween through Sam's eyes. Cute, but overall nothing remarkable to make it stand out.

Smoke and Mirrors by dzturtlepower (Gen, PG, 768)
- Author's Summary: none given
- My thoughts: I thought it was a little heavy on the words in the beginning. But once the scene was set up, I really got into it. It parallels the present with the past very well. I liked.

Even Though You Can by acidquill (John/Ellen, PG, 457)
- Author's Summary: ahem. well this spawned from my crack theory about how exactly John fit in regard to Ellen (and Jo). feel free to mock me at your leisure. Ellen pov.
- My thoughts: Yeah, crack theory. Would have been okay if there had been a bit more substance to back the theory up.

Black Days by mayatawi (Dean/Ellen, NC-17)
- Author's Summary: Ellen has issues. Dean's just along for the ride.
- My thoughts: For the win. Dean and Ellen are so spot on that I actually think this could be in the next episode. It's written fantastically and I want to curl up with it and cuddle. (Except I think Ellen scares me a little, too.)

Mythology by mcee (Dean/Jo/Sam, PG13)
- Author's Summary: ficlet. 'no exit' coda, or sorts
- My thoughts: Sweet. I like the tiny details in this, the things Jo remembers and focuses on seem very real for her. Very convincing Jo point of view, even if I can't see Jo ever being open with Sam.

Day Spa by derryderrydown (John/Dean, Adult, words)
- Author's Summary: None Given
- My thoughts: Wow. Dirty and Hot and dirty and hot and... If John/Dean doesn't make you cringe, I would highly suggest this because... wow.

Satisfaction by alchemyonfire (Jared/Jensen implied, NC-17, 609 words)
- Author's Summary: Jensen has some "alone time."
- My thoughts: Who doesn't like wanking fics? The shift from second person to third person is a little strange. I would've liked to see the whole fic in one or the other. Still, very nice visuals throughout.

Well , A Person Can Work Up a Mean, Mean Thirst by la_folle_allure (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
- Author's Summary: None Given
- My thoughts: Short fic featuring a "punked-out" Jensen who's been away from Jared for some time. The fic is fun and sexy, but possibly a little overly verbose. I like the visual of Jensen in a kilt and black eye makeup and they are both written well. Thumbs up.

Mine by phantisma (Sam/Dean, Nc-17)
- Author's Summary: Schloompy word!porn (verbal masterbation), mirror!porn, toy!porn...and yeah, incest... This is pointless PWP...what more do you need for a summary?
- My thoughts: To be quite honest with you, I think my brain short-circuted first time I read it and I really couldn't tell you my own name. So, I read it again. Upon the second read through, it's still sizzling and just porn. Aside from names, the characters don't really seem like Sam and Dean, but there's a huge part of me that doesn't care because it's that hot.

Jet Black Jealousy by aldrea7 (implied wincest, pg, short)
- Author's Summary: The Impala, jealous? Why of course! Set at the end of No Exit, but there aren't really any spoilers.
- My thoughts: Cute, short, fun. If the Impala had a voice, she would not let certain people ride in her.

May the Devil Be the Judge by alazysod (Wincest, pg-13, 628 words)
- Author's Summary: None given
- My thoughts: I would probably give this fic a higher rating. This fic stands somewhere between angst and fluff. Exploration of Dean's perspective on what it's like to fuck around with his little brother? Maybe? I liked it, even though it was short for a subject that I think could be talked about for a long time. There were a few grammar and punctuation errors, but they're easily looked over. I would've liked to see this fic a little longer and delving even futher into what Dean feels about Sam.

Kids These Days by dorkdance & txtequilanights (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 4460 words)
- Author's Summary: Halloween parties are never simple when there are Winchesters involved.
- My thoughts: So cute. This is exactly the kind of weird thing I would expect to happen to the Winchesters on Halloween. Dean as a sex-god and Sam as a vampire just made me gleeful, even if the roles seem a little obvious, but I think that's the point. Wonderfully written and a fun, quick read.

I Got A Few Friends by nymeria (Sam/Dean, Dean/Others, PG13, 1077 words)
- Author's Summary: apocalypse fic, references to hustling,
- My thoughts: I liked the quiet desperation in this, the way Dean is still so protective of his brother, and that there is so much squished into such a small fic. Could use a beta, but otherwise I liked it.

If My Wings Should Fail Me by grammar_glamour (Dean/Sam, NC-17, 4887 words)
- Author's Summary: Sam gets himself into a spot of trouble.
- My thoughts: The author warns for crack-fic, but it's written, well, like a serious fic. Aside from the fact that Sam sprouts wings (which is very well explained) it's really not crack. Dean and Sam are spot on. I love that Dean even cracks feather jokes. So Dean. The sex is hot too, and tasteful, and believable. I liked it.
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
8:29 am
Post 1 from Edition 250 (November 2, 2006)
Dean Winchester's User Guide to a Psychic Brother by dev_earl (Gen, NC-17, 2330 words)
- Author's Summary: well, that's what a psychic baby brother is for.
- My thoughts: It was cute. The brothers had some funny lines, but I didn't really see the crack that the author warned for. I couldn't see giving the fic a rating greater than maybe PG-13 for language.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by lyra_wing (Gen, PG-13, 2380 words)
- Author's Summary: Written for spn_halloween, prompt #134 – "Sam and Dean take Halloween off, due to lack of paranormal activity."
- My thoughts: I liked it. A neat little Halloween fic. The bickering between the brothers flowed naturally and sounded like the kind of things that they'd say. It offered a little peek into the layers of the boys without getting too deep. A fun read.

And That Ashen Taste on My Mouth by nekare (Gen, PG, 2035 words)
- Author's Summary: none given
- My thoughts: Kind of a "day in the life of" fic that seems to exists mostly to introduce the reader to the Day of the Dead. There were a handful of errors that tripped me up while reading, but otherwise a worthwhile read if you like fics that make you think a bit, as there were a lot of lines stood out. It's the kind of fic that you review by quoting back favorite lines, of which I had many.

Dust On My Shoes, Nothing But Teardrops by ignipes (Sam/Dean, R, 1200 words)
- Author's Summary: Dean hasn't let Sam touch him since before their father died
- My thoughts: I liked this. Just a short little fic from Sam's point of view, but very emotional. There was a tangible ache in Sam's thoughts and feelings about his brother. He's both concerned about Dean and about what the relationship they have/had. I like that I can actually hear Sam and Dean in the dialogue as if this were actually part of the show. Take out the wincest and it really could be part of the show.

Neck Porn Piece by plutogirl10 (Sam/Dean, R, 300 words)
- Author's Summary: none given
- My thoughts: PWP. Aside from the fact that it's very well written and very hot, it's just a quick little pwp. Neither of these characters scream Sam or Dean to me, but that doesn't mean that I don't like it just the same.

Simply Dean (self-destructing) lp_drumline7 (Dean/OFC, Sam/Dean, NC-17)
- Author's Summary: Dean can't seem to get over his father's death, not by a long shot.
- My thoughts: Normally I probably wouldn't have read the whole fic. I didn't like the author's writing style from the beginning, and there are tense shifts all over the fic that are very distracting. Aside from that, I just couldn't get it. The author claims that this is an AU, but it's more like the twilight zone. This fic generally follows the plot line of season two, some of the episodes are even spelled out in cliff notes, and some of the dialogue is stolen from the episodes, but I just didn't get a good flow with this fic. Dean's breakdown is overdone (too loud) and Sam's a little too cliche (emo).

No RPS for this edition that was stand alone.
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